Explores STEM in a fun, developmentally appropriate way! Sessions include structured maker activities as well as plenty of time for open play with our interactive exhibits. Learn in a welcoming, creative environment that nurtures curiosity and encourages children to discover what they can make through exploration and skill building activities.

4 and 5

$75 members
$85 nonmembers

Session Length
3 weeks

1:30 – 3:00pm

Parents are welcome, but not required, to stay for workshops. A responsible adult must remain in the building (upstairs in Davis Library, or sitting in our lounge area). An adult may be responsible for more than their own child (ie. a child’s friend(s)).

Fridays, February 8-22

Make It Move!

Explore all things that go! Mini-makers will examine things that fly, roll, and float, and make some moving creations of their own. Sessions are designed around developmentally appropriate skill building, creative expression through a maker project, and open-ended play.

Maker Educator: Amanda
Class Size: 8


Preschool Field Trips: Preschool classes can come and experience KID Museum. Contact us to schedule your group visit!

Questions? Call us at 301-897-5437 or email