Member Makers

Saturday, April 8
10:00 am

This one’s for you (and your friends)!

As part of this member-only event, you’re invited to bring a friend to join you in a FREE hands-on workshop of your choice. And, as always, there will be even more interactive activities to explore on the museum floor.

You’re still welcome to join us if you don’t bring a friend!


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Workshops (10:00 - 11:30)

Soldering a Spinny Fan

Make some wind with this electric spinny fan! Participants will learn basic soldering to create a circuit that connects a motor, power sources, and a switch. They will then create the fan out of art materials to make their own unique wind device. Ages 8+

Wooden Stilt Shoes

Build on your woodworking skills. Use a jigsaw and power sander to make a mash-up of Depression-Era can stilts and Japanese Geta sandals. Ages 8+
*Required: Level 1 certification

Sound Machines

Explore sound in fun and creative ways. In this sampler experimental music class students will students will enjoy learning about, listening to, playing, and creating sound. Gain experience with drills, saws, hammers, and other hand tools. Ages 7+



High-tech egg decorating: choose a design and color scheme and let our amazing EggBot do the work. Take home an intricate, personalized ceramic egg to keep. All Ages. 
$5 materials fee (open to all visitors)