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"the hill we climb" | 3rd grade+

Learn about the life and work of Amanda Gorman, President Biden’s inaugural poet and America’s first National Youth Poet Laureate. Using her poem “The Hill We Climb” as inspiration, create a maker project of your own design.


On January 20th, Amanda Gorman, a Black poet and activist, and the country’s first National Youth Poet Laureate, made history as the youngest inaugural poet to perform at a presidential inauguration.

Her poem, “The Hill We Climb,” captured the attention of people all over the world and was celebrated for its themes of hope, unity, and resilience.

At a time when our nation is facing big challenges, Amanda Gorman used her voice and her poetry to imagine a way forward. Watch her performance of “The Hill We Climb,” or read the text of the poem here.

Learn more about this young poet, author, and activist in this article from the LA times, or watch some of her interviews on YouTube.

“The Hill We Climb” – January 20, 2021


Amanda Gorman uses poetry to share her ideas about the issues that are important to her.

As a maker, how can you use your skills to share your thoughts and feelings about important issues? Choose one or more lines from “The Hill We Climb” that stand out to you. Using any tools or materials you’d like, create something that represents what you feel when you hear or read those words.

Why did you choose that part of the poem? What do Amanda Gorman’s words mean to you?

What materials and tools will you choose to express your thoughts? Why?

How will your project represent Gorman’s themes of healing, unity, and hope for a better future?

Here are some suggested verses from the poem to get you started.


There are many ways to express your thoughts and reactions to “The Hill We Climb” using maker tools and materials. Here are some ideas:

– A 2D artwork like a drawing, collage, or digital illustration
-A sculpture using household materials or digital 3D modeling
– A poster, lawn sign, or other work to share with your community
– A video or animation
– A song, poem, or podcast

One way to share your ideas inspired by “The Hill We Climb” is to create an animation using Scratch. Check out this video for some tips and pointers.

If a sculpture is more your style, check out these helpful videos to get you started working with cardboard.

When you’ve created your project, email a photo, video, or file to Include the first name and age of the maker along with a description of your project, and your project could be featured on our website and social media!