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maker playground

community project

let your voice be heard | 6th - 8th grade

Get inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, and use today’s digital technology to create your own message to share with the world.


During the Civil Rights Movement people used a variety of methods to make sure their voices and stories were heard: they held marches like the March on Washington in 1963, where they used signs and posters to share their ideas and beliefs; they created buttons and pamphlets, and used art and music to share their ideas and amplify their voices.

Explore artifacts from the Smithsonian’s March on Washington collection, and discover the different ways that people shared their ideas and stories during the Civil Rights Movement.

© Jim Wallace


In today’s world, we have so many methods of communication available to us that can help us share our ideas and stories. Digital media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, podcasts and TikTok can help everyday people reach a large audience.

How can we use today’s technology to spread important messages of peace and justice?

What platform would you use to share your message with the world?

Create a digital message to share your ideas about issues that you care about.


Try one of these ways to create a digital message, or come up with your own!

When you’ve got a digital message, email it to Include the first name and age of the maker along with a description of your message for a chance to be featured on KID Museum’s Instagram!