Make it! Classroom

KID Museum’s comprehensive maker distance learning program, delivered directly to students in their homes or in a classroom.

Virtual Maker Programming

This semester- or year-long program is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and can be seamlessly integrated into a science class, STEM elective, or enrichment settings for elementary students.

Our programming, curriculum, and instructional design helps students develop the “mind of maker,” along with critical thinking and creative problem-solving abilities. Students are activated as makers, acquiring both a maker’s habits and mindsets, as well as practical skills, like coding, design engineering, and 3D modeling.


KID Museum’s Make it! Classroom program consists of 12-24 one-hour lessons, designed to be delivered weekly over the course of a semester or the full school year. Using our Program Design Principles, each of our lessons accomplishes the following:

Leverages STEM-rich, maker learning experiences, aligned to NGSS

Encourages exploration of natural phenomena and iteration through open-ended engineering design challenges

Empowers learners with technical and social-emotional skills so students can fully activate their creativity

Promotes collaboration, interaction, and agency in students


A KID Museum Educator serves as a maker-in-residence for the program, providing direct student instruction for a portion of the lessons, and supporting the classroom teacher to deliver the other lessons. Classroom teachers receive upfront training on Make it! Classroom content and ongoing coaching throughout the program.

To learn more about Make it! Classroom or to bring this experience to your school or district, contact Liza Manfred, Director of Education Strategy and Planning at