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Invent the Future Challenge Teacher and Coach Resources

This page provides additional materials for schools participating in the Invent the Future Challenge. We will add updates throughout the year, so please check back regularly!

MCPS Teacher Resources

Download an MCPS Teacher Handbook and other information here. If you work in an MCPS school and do not have access, please email


Coach Resources

Download a Coaches Handbook designed for parents and teachers that are not in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). It contains introductory information about the specifics of the challenge and how to start a challenge team.


Additional Support for Students

  • The Invention Studio program is five sessions at KID Museum, gaining skills in design and engineering, sensors and coding, and fabrication and rapid prototyping. Click here for more information and to schedule your visits.
  • Weekend Student Skill Series help students to get the skills they need to build their prototypes. Register and find out more on this page.