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Taiwan Day – Festival of Toys

Saturday, May 19 | 10:00am – 5:00pm

Explore Taiwan in our next Cultural Day presented in partnership with the Rockville-Yilan City Corporation. Create traditional Taiwanese toys and textiles, participate in interactive performances, cool down with bubble tea, and more.

Plus, bring your lunch and have a picnic on the lawn while enjoying music and dance performances from Tayan children, one of the aboriginal tribes from Taiwan.

Indoor & Outdoor:
General Admission: $12 (includes 1 child and 2 adults)

Members: FREE

All-Day Activities

Tayan Tribe Woven Bag
Tayans are the second largest tribe of the 16 Taiwanese aboriginal tribes. Tayans are famous for their weaving skills, creating many different kinds of beautiful woven cloths. Red is a color often used in Tayan clothing to symbolize life. Learn how to weave a small traditional Tayan bag with red textiles to take home.

Bamboo Cicada
Cicadas are a common insect in Taiwan. They are easily recognized during the summertime when their unique loud chirps can be heard almost everywhere–from the mountains to the cities. Bamboo cicada is a toy cicada that mimics the loud chirping sounds of real cicadas. Build your own bamboo cicada to take home.

Bamboo Water Sprayer
Bamboo water sprayer is a traditional Taiwanese toy that became popular back when manufactured toys were not available to everyone. Learn how to piece a bamboo water sprayer together, and take it outside to have some fun!

Spinning Tops
Spinning tops is a traditional game in Taiwan. While spinning tops can be found in most regions of the world, they hold special memories of rural life for modern-day Taiwanese people, and are even considered a folk sport. Come and learn how to spin tops.

Taiwanese Sachet
Taiwanese Sachets are traditionally made and worn during the Dragon Boat Festival. Historically, when medicine was not as developed, people would stuff herbs in the sachets to act as a repellent to bugs and flies. Today, these sachets serve as good luck charms and are given as gifts. Learn how to sew your own Taiwanese sachet.

Aiyu Jelly
Aiyu, known as Ficus pumila or the creeping fig, is a plant that grows native in Taiwan. The seeds from this fig produce a jelly called Aiyu. It is a delicious vegetarian treat, popular during the summertime since the taste is sweet and refreshing. Come make Aiyu jelly and have a taste!

Taipei 101 Tower Challenge
Taipei 101 is located in Taipei–the capital of Taiwan. It has 101 floors and was the tallest building in the world until 2010. The building is designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes that are common for the area. Learn how modern Taiwanese architecture is constructed, and challenge yourself to build a tall tower using paper, cardboard, popsicle sticks and glue.

Tao Fishing Boat
Tao is one of the indigenous people of Taiwan who live in a small island just south of Taiwan called Orchid Island. Most Taos are fishermen who rely on a large annual catch of flying fish. Learn how the Tao constructed boats out of everyday materials. These boats have a distinctive design that includes a high stem, elaborately carved and decorated hulls, and stern posts that can sweep sharply.


11:00 & 2:00: Participate in our interactive presentations of Taiwanese history and culture, presented by Tayan children. Presentations include demonstrations of Taiwanese musical instruments and traditional songs.

11:30 & 2:00: Enjoy the dance and musical performances by Tayan children outside on the lawn.


Bubble Tea
Cool down outside with some bubble tea, a popular drink originally from Taiwan made out of flavored milk teas and topped with sweet tapioca balls. Bubble and Tea will be outside of the museum and available for purchase.