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Taiwan Day

Sunday, May 5

10:00am – 5:00pm

Join KID Museum and the Vogai Children’s Choir to explore Taiwanese culture through creative hands-on projects. The whole family will enjoy building mechanical bears, making water soakers from bamboo, tasting homemade Taiwanese fig jelly, and many other activities.

KID Museum’s Taiwan Day will feature performances by visiting children of the Bunun tribe, an indigenous group from Taiwan. Join them for traditional dance, music, and song.

General Admission: $12 (includes 1 child and 2 adults)
KID Museum Members: FREE

All-Day Activities (included with admission)

Mechanical Bear
Create a cardboard miniature of the Formosan black bear, a native animal from Taiwan, and make it move by adding gears and wheels!

Giant Embroidery
Contribute your own embroidery to our gigantic drawing of the Taiwanese landscape stretched on a large frame. Add the colors of your choice onto our communal project.

Bamboo Water Soaker
Build a water soaker out of bamboo, a traditional material used long before modern manufacturing came to Taiwan. Then, take your water gun outside, and put it to the test!

Millet-Style Key Chain
Weave together ribbon to create a keychain that represents rows of millet (xiaomi), the traditional staple of the Bunun people.

Friendship Wristband
Weave a beautiful bracelet reflecting the diamond-shaped serpent pattern that is a Bunun symbol of friendship. While the Bunun are experts at weaving with rattan, we’ll use leather for our friendship bracelets.

Taiwanese Herb Bag
Herb bags are made and worn during the Dragon Boat Festival. In the past, the Bunun would stuff herbs into these bags to create a natural bug repellent. Today, these bags serve as good luck charms and are given as gifts. Sew one of your own to take home!

Take a Robotic Journey Around Taiwan
Plan a trip around the island of Taiwan with our interactive robotic map feature. Program miniature robots called Ozobots to travel from landmark to landmark across a giant map of the island.

Cultural Performances & Food

Cultural Presentation
11:00am & 2:00pm: Participate in a presentation of Taiwanese history and culture that includes a demonstration of traditional musical instruments and popular songs.

11:30am & 2:30pm: Enjoy traditional dance and song performances presented by young Bunun performers.

Food Tasting: Aiyu Fig Jelly
Taste a local specialty derived from the fruit of Ficus pumila, the creeping fig, a plant that is native to Taiwan. The seeds from this fruit produce a jelly called Aiyu, a sweet and refreshing treat that is popular during the summer months in Taiwan.

Food Vendor
Eat lunch at KID! Bubbles & Tea, a local food vendor, will be on-site selling cool bubble tea and warm Taiwanese sausages. Bubble tea, a popular drink originally from Taiwan, is crafted from flavored milk teas and topped with sweet tapioca balls.

Hakka Bamboo Display
Bamboo has long played a crucial role in the Hakka ethnic culture of Taiwan. In their spare time, the Hakka would make many items out of bamboo, including furniture, decorations, and toys.

This display is provided by Grand Bamboo Curtain, the only professional bamboo curtain factory in Taiwan. Established in 1951, the company uses only the highest quality bamboo, the Makino bamboo, to create products that are comfortable, decompose naturally, and contribute to a sustainable future.