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Philippines Day

Sunday, December 8

10:00am – 5:00pm

In partnership with the Embassy of the Philippines through Sentro Rizal Washington DC, Mabuhay, and FYP, KID Museum is proud to present Philippines Day and Ligligan Parul. Ligligan Parul, or a Festival of Light, is an annual festival that features giant lantern competitions to welcome the holiday spirit in the Philippines. Bring your family and build light-up projects, learn about textiles and woodworking, and enjoy Filipino food and performances.

Purchase day-of at the front desk:
General Admission: $12 (includes 1 child and 2 adults)
KID Museum Members: FREE

All-Day Activities (included with admission)

Parol Lanterns
Parol lanterns are a star-shaped lanterns that are made during the Filipino holiday. The lights symbolize hope, blessing, luck, and peace. Join FYP and Mabuhay to make your own lanterns to take home.

Ligligan Parul-Inspired Lanterns
Ligligan Parul lanterns are Filipino giant lanterns that celebrate the Ligligan Parul Festival. They are built more than 10 feet high with dancing lights that highlight intricate designs. Join us and make one while you can also learn about electricity and motors.

Light-up Wooden Star
Inspired by the shape of the parol, help us illuminate our star-shaped wooden board. Learn how to use a power drill and build a simple circuit at the same time.

Philippines Tarsier
Philippines Tarsier or known locally as Mawumag is a 3 – 6” furry mammal native to the Southeastern Philippines. Learn more about the Philippines Tarsier and create a textile project that looks like it.

LEGO WeDo Parol Carnival
Learn the basics of computer programming through LEGO WeDo then program your motor to make your cardboard Carnival rides run.

Paraw Wooden Boat
Paraw, a traditional Philippines boat, is known for its double outriggers, crab-claw sails, and a small triangular foresail. On the ocean, Paraw can sail through the wind in between 12-19 mph. Make your own Paraw boat and learn basics woodworking like sanding and drilling.

Tigmamanukan bird
Tigmamanukan, also called the Philippines fairy bluebird, is known for its distinct black and blue feathers. Make your own Tigmamanukan birds from our craft materials and build a simple mechanism to make the wings move.

Performance & Food Schedule

11:00 AM: Food Making: Filipino Macaroni Salad
Food Tasting: Lumpiang Shanghai (while supply lasts)
1:00 PM: Interactive Filipino Storytelling
3:00 PM: Interactive Filipino Dance: Tinikling Bamboo Dance
4:00 PM: Interactive Filipino Storytelling