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France Day

Sunday, April 7

10:00am – 5:00pm

"Explorer la France at KID Museum"

Join KID Museum and Alliance Française DC to explore French culture through creative, hands-on projects. The whole family will enjoy making Pierrot puppets, building French castles, creating silhouette art, listening to French storytellings, and more!

General Admission: $12 (includes 1 child and 2 adults)
KID Museum Members: FREE

All-Day Activities (included with admission)

Pierrot Puppets
Pierrot is a common character in pantomime and “commedia dell’arte,” which became popular in the late 17th century in Paris. Make your own puppet version of this clown using foam balls, fabric, and paint. Then have fun acting out your own scenes!

Silhouette Art
A popular style of portrait art in the 18th and 19th century, silhouettes owe their name to the French. Use light to find your shadow on the wall, then use cardstock to create your own silhouette portrait to take home

La Montgolfière (Hot Air Balloon)
Joseph-Michel Montgolfier and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier were the inventors of the first hot air balloon that took flight in the 1700s. Create miniature, decorative montgolfiêre style hot air balloons, and miniature hot air balloon objects to be flown inside our wind tubes.

La Couronne des Rois (The Kings Crown)
Every year in January, people in France celebrate a tradition where they eat La Galette des Rois, a tasty almond cake, to win the King’s crown. Make your own French King’s crown out of craft materials and take photos in front of our castle photo backdrop.

La Tour Eiffel Pop-Up Cards
Learn how to make pop-up greeting cards, and create one with an Eiffel Tower inside of it.

Light Up French Map
Explore France’s geography while developing your maker skills. Help us illuminate a map of France using power drills and circuitry.

Cardboard Castle Challenge
France is known for its castles! Learn about the different types of historical French castles, from Château de Thil to Chenonceau, then make your own miniature castle that includes moats, towers, and drawbridges.

Other Activities (brought by Alliance Française)

Story Time with Madeline
Join our storytelling sessions with Madeline to enjoy French and English children stories in an interactive program. Time: 10:30am and 11:30am

Story Time with Achille
Join our musical story time with Achille to enjoy traditional French songs in a fun, immersion-based program. Time: 4:00pm

Judo with Fred
Judo is a very popular sport for children in France. Not only does it teach self-control, courtesy, and coordination, this defense-based martial art also teaches respect. Learn basic Judo skills using a foam training dummy. Fee: $30 for a 1.5 hour session. Register for 1:30pm or 3:00pm.

French Library Corner
Take a break and relax at our French library corner while reading children’s books and historical comic books from France.

Food Truck

Complete your French experience by tasting authentic French crêpes from the Crêpes Parfait food truck. It will be serving both savory and sweet crêpes for purchase all day!