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Around the World

Saturday, November 10 & Sunday, November 11

10:00am – 5:00pm

Join us as we explore cultural maker projects from around the world! Chocalho Brazilian instruments, Chinese Dragon puppets, and more…

General Admission: $12 (includes 1 child and 2 adults)
Members: FREE

Paid Workshops

Chocalho: Brazilian Instrument
Create a chocalho from Brazil, an instrument used in Samba music. We’ll make our chocalhos from wood and zils (or jingles), and then we’ll make music! The instrument is played by shaking it back and forth and pumping your arms up and down.

2:00pm – 4:00pm
$5 material fee
All ages
Drop-in, no registration required.

All-Day Activities (included with admission)

Dragon Puppet – China
Dragons are symbols of wealth, wisdom, and power. Make your own Dragon puppet using everyday materials.

Cendrawasih Bird – Indonesia
Cendrawasih, birds-of-paradise, bring beauty to the Papua land in Indonesia. The feathers of this bird grow very long and are very colorful. Make your own Cendrawasih using craft materials and build a simple mechanism for the wings.

Marsupial Finger Puppet – Australia
Learn basic sewing skills as you make your own finger puppets in the form of Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombats, and other Australian marsupials.

Windmolen – Netherlands
Windmolen or windmills are one of many famous icons of the Netherlands. It was used for drainage, grinding grains, and irrigation. Make your own miniature windmolen by using cardboard, popsicle sticks, and other materials.

Lozi Tribe Beret – Zambia
A symbol of bravery, the Lozi hat is a bright red beret, often decorated with feathers. Make your own Lozi-inspired beret to wear by using felt in a variety of colors.

Cardboard Calaca – Mexico
Calacas are paper mache skeletons that are presented during Mexico’s Day of the Dead. The tradition is to dress up the skeletons in vibrant colors and pose them playing instruments, dancing, and eating. Using cardboard and paper pins, create your own calacas and pose them how you like.

Fleur de Lis – France
Fleur de Lis is a stylized lily that is used in many decorative designs in French culture. Make your Fleur de Lis design with a block printing method using foam.

Horezu Rooster – Romania
The Horezu rooster is a Romanian symbol of light and power over the forces of darkness. The symbol is used in pottery produced in the town of Horezu. Create your Horezu rooster design with block printing.


Sunday, November 11, 1:00pm

Irish/Scottish Music Performance
The Kilt Crew brings Celtic music into the community! This musical duo will be entertaining us with an educational performance featuring bagpipes, snare drums, and fun trivia.