Be a Part of the Invent the Future Challenge

There are a number of ways that corporations and their employees can get involved. KID Museum is seeking professionals to serve as mentors at the Innovation Exchanges. We also need volunteer judges for the “Challenge Summit,” the program’s culminating event in May. In addition, we are looking for local companies to host an Innovation Exchange at their facility.

Innovation Exchanges are intended to spark ideas and support Challenge teams. They feature a talk by a local innovator, followed by a work session where teams are matched with mentors from the community.

Volunteer mentors will provide feedback on student ideas, assist in brainstorming, and help teams make progress on their designs. Engineering and technology skills are desired, but not required. This is a one-time commitment, and should take approximately two hours.

Local companies are invited to host an Innovation Exchange at their facility. As a host, you would provide a space for teams to meet with adult mentors. We also ask that hosts provide either an innovative speaker, or tour of your facility to inspire students.

The Challenge Summit is the culmination of the Invent the Future Challenge. At this festive event, middle school teams showcase their prototyped inventions to the community. Designs are evaluated by a team of judges, and the results are presented at an awards ceremony.

Volunteer judges will interact directly with students about their ideas, and score them in categories such as originality, collaboration, design process, and presentation. This is a one-day, approximately 6 - 8 hour commitment.

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