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Meet the KIDfest Sponsor & Exhibitor: Central Japan Railway Company

By July 5, 2018No Comments

How come Japan’s fastest trains streak by at 313 miles per hour, while America’s swiftest train—Amtrak’s ACELA express—can run barely half as fast?

On September 23, you’ll be able to find out why.

Central Japan Railway Company will be at KIDfest this year, as both a sponsor and an exhibitor, showcasing their state-of-the-art Super Conducting Magnetic Levitation (SC-Maglev) technology, the most high-speed ground transportation in operation today. Using the principle of magnetic repulsion, SC-Maglev trains levitate above the track, accelerating and decelerating through the magnetic force generated between onboard magnets and ground coils.

At KIDfest, visitors can handle miniature SC-Maglev models and floating toys, and see videos showing Japan’s super high-speed trains in action.

Company representative Rikuhei Daimon says he looks forward to meeting KIDfest visitors and answering their questions. “We would like to help Americans understand Japan’s unique SC-Maglev technology,” he says, explaining his belief that when our countries work together, we can build a better world.

Furthermore, Daimon says his company is proud to support KID Museum and KIDfest: “Technological development depends on children’s creativity and commitment. We hope a lot of children visit our exhibit and become interested in contributing to future technological advances in the world. From that perspective, KIDfest is a precious opportunity for children and for our society.”

KIDfest 2018 is still accepting exhibitors and sponsors. For a chance to become an exhibitor, apply here. For more information on sponsorships, click here.