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Getting ready to fly

By July 1, 2021No Comments

In this chrysalis moment, as we all emerge from the pandemic, our kids are in an especially critical stage of transformation. They need to re-engage with learning that will harness their passions and empower them with the skills to become tomorrow’s changemakers. This is what maker education does. It’s about building a mindset — adaptability, creativity, perseverance, empathy — that kids will use throughout their lives.

And we need our kids to step up. We will need all hands (and minds) on deck for whatever challenges tomorrow may bring. We need diverse perspectives and values to broaden innovation. We need the next generation to not only absorb and respond meaningfully to change — but to understand when they must make the change they want to see.

That is why KID Museum is stepping up right now. We are going through our own chrysalis moment, about to emerge as a much larger and fully-formed community partner and resource. With the addition of our new, high-capacity innovation hub, along with satellite locations across the county, we will be able to reach many more kids and educators with the innovative programming that is so desperately needed post-pandemic and beyond.

Our community understands what is at stake. That’s why Montgomery County and Montgomery County Public Schools have deepened their partnerships and invested in our growth. They too are adapting to the moment and embracing change. Together, we’ll ensure that our kids emerge from their cocoons ready to fly.