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Australia Day at KID Museum

Explore the wonders of down under.

Saturday, November 19,  10:00am – 5:00pm


Rainsticks are ancient musical instruments used by Aboriginal Australians (as well as others around the world) that were thought to bring rain to droughted land. Use a power drill and bamboo to create your own rain stick, and enjoy the soothing sound of rain whenever you like. Ages 8 & up. $8 members; $18 non-members (includes $8 admission). 11:00 REGISTER & 1:30 REGISTER

Free with admission

Dot art

Dot art began as sacred designs drawn in the sand or painted on the bodies of Australian Aboriginal people. Later, when dot painting on canvas began, sacred images were disguised within the dots, cross-hatching, spirals, circles and dashes, disguising them. Make your own dot art using paint–and then create programmable dot art using Scratch Programming.

Swagman’s Hat

A Swagman is a laborer who travels from farm to farm carrying only his “swag” (small sack of belongings). Use a scroll saw to create a Swagman’s hat, complete with corks hanging from the brim on string to keep the flies away!

Finger Puppets

Cozy up to Australia’s unique animals by making marsupial finger puppets. Learn basic sewing skills, including the blanket stitch.

Dreamtime Story Presentation

The Dreamtime stories represent Aboriginal understanding of the world, of its creation, and its great stories. Join our Dreamtime story presentation at 3:00 pm.

Food Tasting

Taste Vegemite, the Australian bread spread, made out of yeast extract. If that’s not to your liking, try the sugary Australian “fairy bread.”