April 1 and 2

Drop in and discover, or sign up for a workshop. Or both!


Spark behind the science

On Sunday, April 2, KID presents Spark Behind the Science. What “sparked” your passion for science and technology? Meet STEM experts, and find out what drove them to pursue their careers.


Solar Bugs

Solar Bugs
Create a solar-powered creature that dances when placed in the sunlight. Solar bug construction includes soldering, working with mini-solar panels, and hot glue guns! Ages 7+
$5 materials fee

DROP-IN   Saturday, April 1, 1:00 – 3:00

KM3KID Radio

KM3KID Radio Demo
Catch the radio wave and be a part of KID Museum’s own radio station: KM3KID. Talk to people from around the world, and discover how radios work. All ages.
Free with admission.

DROP-IN   Saturday, April 1, 1:00 ‐ 4:30

Spinny Fan

FAMILY WORKSHOP Spinning Your Wheels: Motors & Circuits
With your family, learn about motors and basic circuitry. Create your own spinny fan circuit to take home. Ages 6+
*Up to 4 family members per ticket*
$15 members; $20 nonmembers

REGISTER  Sunday, April 2, 10:00

REGISTER Sunday, April 2, 12:30

Register  Sunday, April 2, 2:30

Scratch & WeDo

Coding: Scratch & LEGO WeDo
Build inventions out of Legos then use Scratch, a visual programming language, to make them come alive with motors and lights. Ages 8+
$10 members; $12 nonmembers (+$8 museum admission)

REGISTER  Sunday, April 2, 11:00

REGISTER Sunday, April 2, 1:30

3D Printing

3D Print & Design
Learn to design a 3D model using TinkerCad. Models will be 3D printed at KID and available for pickup 2 weeks after the workshop. Ages 7+
$14 members; $16 nonmembers (+$8 museum admission)

REGISTER  Sunday, April 2, 1:30


Learn how to use equipment in the studio of your choice. Hone your skills, earn certification, and practice your craft in Open Build.

Maker Studio
$10 members; $11 nonmembers (+ $8 museum admission)
Open Build
$6 members; $7 nonmembers (+ $8 museum admission)

3D printing - Fab Lab

Fab Lab, LEVEL 1
Learn how to design in a 3-dimensional digital world! Create, combine, and manipulate shapes to build your dream house, and we’ll 3D-print your masterpiece. 1st grade+

REGISTER  MAKER STUDIO Saturday, April 1, 11:00

REGISTER  OPEN BUILD Saturday, April 1, 3:00

Electronics - Breadboard

Electronics, LEVEL 1
Learn basic circuitry, conductors and insulators, inputs and outputs. Learn how to splice wire using wire strippers and heat shrink, then build your own circuit with a homemade switch. 2nd grade+

REGISTER  MAKER STUDIO Sunday, April 2, 11:00

REGISTER  OPEN BUILD Sunday, April 2, 3:00


Geodesic Domes

Visit any time during museum hours for hands-on, innovative activities. Explore and experiment with wind tubes, giant ball runs, drilling and construction, and more! Activities vary each day. All ages.
Free for members; $8 nonmembers

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Full refunds (minus 5% processing fee) are given up to 24 hours prior to workshop. If a participant is more than 10 minutes late for a workshop, participant will not be admitted and will not be given a refund. Workshops may be cancelled due to low enrollment. For more information, view our complete Cancellation Policies.