This Weekend at KID

Each Summer Sunday features

two different Maker Studios,

special workshops, and themed

Open Explore activities.

Open Explore
  • Catapults
  • Gear wall
  • “This to There” contraptions
Summer Hours
July 8 – August 27
Sundays, 10:00 – 5:00
Closed Saturdays


Competition Robotics Boot Camp

Robotics is one of the fastest growing sports. Learn the basics of competition robotics. This series, led by Whitman HS’s robotics coach, combines technical know-how with team-building skills. Attend one or attend them all. 6th – 12th grade

Structural Systems, Materials, Loads and Free Body Diagrams

Sunday, July 23, 9:30 – 11:30
free for members; $15 nonmembers

Wire Loops
Wire Loop Game

Remember the game Operation? Create your own version of this classic game by using conductive wire and circuits. The object is to loop a wire through your electric path without triggering the buzzer. Test your friends! 2nd grade+

Sunday, July 23, 1:00
$10 members; $12 nonmembers (+$8 museum admission)

Maker Studios

Electronics - Wires
Electronics LEVEL 1

Learn basic circuitry, conductors and insulators, inputs and outputs. Learn how to splice wire using wire strippers and heat shrink, then build your own circuit with a homemade switch. 2nd grade+

Sunday, July 23, 10:00
$10 members; $11 nonmembers (+$8 museum admission)

Fab Lab
Fab Lab LEVEL 1

Learn how to design in a 3-dimensional digital world! Create, combine, and manipulate shapes to build your dream house, and we’ll 3D-print your masterpiece. 1st grade+

Sunday, July 23, 11:00
$10 members; $11 nonmembers (+$8 museum admission)

Fab Lab Open Build

Pursue and develop your ideas and explore what you can create with the help of our trained coaches. 1st grade+
*Required: Fab Lab Maker Studio, Level 1

Sunday, July 23, 3:00
$6 members; $7 nonmembers (+$8 museum admission)

See our full calendar to plan ahead.

Full refunds (minus 5% processing fee) are given up to 24 hours prior to workshop. If a participant is more than 10 minutes late for a workshop, participant will not be admitted and will not be given a refund. Workshops may be cancelled due to low enrollment. For more information, view our complete Cancellation Policies.