Looking for Open Studio time where you can create projects of your own design?  In KID Museum’s Maker Studio program, you will build your technical skills, earn certification for each studio level, and work with our trained educators to explore and develop your own creations.

Learn how to use the tools and equipment in the studio of your choice (woodshop, electronics lab, textile studio or digital fabrication lab) in our Maker Studio Sessions  — offered as 90-min weekend workshops, and as part of our after-school and summer camp programs. As you build upon your skills with our maker instructors, earn certification and become eligible for Open Studio time.

During Open Build time, pursue and develop your ideas and explore what you can create with the help of our trained coaches. These two-hour sessions are scheduled on a rotating basis during weekend hours, and incorporated into Maker Studio after-school and summer camp programs.

Starting December 2017, Maker Studio Jr. will begin, offering maker studio programs just for 1st and 2nd graders. Programming has been designed specifically for younger makers.

Please see below for scheduling options, pricing and registration links for our Maker Studio program.

Electronics - Wires

Build skills in areas including: soldering; circuit prototyping on solderless breadboards; analog, digital, and microcontroller circuit design. (2 certification levels.)

Sewing - Textiles

Learn hand-stitches, use different fabrics, master a sewing machine, and create patterns. (2 certification levels.)

3D printing - Fab Lab

Use TinkerCad to manipulate and design objects on a computer for 3D printing. Later sessions will include using a laser cutter and vacuum-former. (2 certification levels.)

Keepsake Box

Learn how to use hand and machine tools to design and build.  (2 certification levels.)