KID Museum Coding Corps

High schoolers: Be a part of our exciting new program!

  • Learn to code
  • Learn to teach
  • Earn SSL hours

What is Coding Corps?

Our Coding Corps is a group of high school students who are specially trained to teach coding skills to elementary and middle school students.

This free, ongoing program is  started out with a pilot cohort of 8 students this spring and will continue to grow.

We’re looking for interested high schoolers who can bring enthusiasm and a variety of skills and experiences to the table. In exchange for your hard work, you’ll earn SSL hours: 15 hours just for the training!

How does it work?

No coding experience is necessary!

The week-long training session focuses both on coding skills (through Scratch) as well as educational philosophy and teaching strategies.

As a culminating project, participants will design, plan, and execute a “Coding Jam,” an introductory coding experience for younger children.

After completion of the training program, Coding Corps members will assist KID Museum educators in coding camps, after school-programs, and other activities both on- and offsite.

Over time, opportunities may arise to help develop and deliver your own programs, as well!

When are the next sessions?

There are two available sessions this summer (Monday – Friday):

July 24 ‐ July 28
1:00 ‐ 4:00

August 7 ‐ August 11
1:00 ‐ 400

Who should apply?

We hope to have applicants who are brand new to coding as well as programming experts!

The ideal candidates are high school students who possess the following qualities:

  • Talent and interest in working with younger students
  • Positive attitude
  • Hardworking
  • Punctual and responsible
  • Maturity; ability to lead a group of younger students

How do I apply?

Again, participation program is free.

If you are interested, please apply soon!

The application should only take about 20 minutes and consists of

  • your contact information
  • a few short-answer questions
  • contact information for a reference – an adult (not a family member) who knows you well and can speak to your qualifications

When we receive your submission, we will contact you to set up a quick, 10-minute phone interview.

If you’re interested but unable to make it to either summer session, please email  We’ll be sure to let you know when we start up new sessions during the school year.

Upcoming Sessions

July 24 ‐ July 28
1:00 ‐ 4:00

August 7 ‐ August 11
1:00 ‐ 400