KID Museum at Davis Library is a 21st century creative workshop and exhibit space with interactive programs for children and families in the DC region.

Explore what you can make! Drop-in for Open Explore Sessions and Featured Workshops facilitated by our resident artists, scientists and inventors.

Open Explore Sessions highlight rotating activities, such as:

DRAW BOTS: Build machines that draw and scribble by using motors, circuits, and everyday materials.

BUILD OUTSIDE THE BOX: Mix and match Legos, Tinkertoys and 3D printed objects to build something unique.

CREATIVE CODING & GAME DESIGN: Use computer code to design your own video game

INTERACTIVE LIGHT PAINTING: Experiment with light and video to create interactive graffiti-like images

Featured Workshops are one-hour facilitated sessions that introduce visitors to a new skill or material, such as:

LEARN TO SOLDER: Learn the basics of how to solder and explore what you can make using this new skill.

3D PRINTING: Experience first-hand how to design and print in 3D.

WEARABLE DEVICES: Experiment with new e-textiles and make your own wearable device.

KID Museum is designed as a family experience.  Children under age 9 must be accompanied by a paying adult onto the museum floor; children under 12 must have an adult on the premises.  Parents do not accompany children to workshops, after-school programs, or School’s Out sessions.